Vanity HD

Vanity HD series

High-resolution multichannel digital output modules for BDP-103 with re-clocking and advanced DSD processing

The launch of Vanity – a high resolution digital audio output module – in 2006 enabled all audiophiles owning a stand-alone external digital to analogue converter to play back high resolution material in full digital quality. With the onset of the Blu-ray format, developments of digital home theatre and the spread of multi-channel recordings, it was becoming ever more apparent that a good signal source for fully digital multi-channel amplifiers and high-end rigs was absent on the market.

This has been true – up to now!

The Vanity103 continues the product range started by its two-channel predecessor designed for universal DVD players. It enables to turn the OPPO BDP-103 player into an eight-channel high-end digital transport. This player is highly praised for its versatility, reliability and ease of upgrading its output circuit boards. The Vanity103 is an add-on module that can simply replace the analogue output circuit boards of the BDP-103 with full resolution digital outputs.

Available in AES version, SPDIF version, or in a DoP SPDIF version.










AES Version 10 995:-

SPDIF Version 8995:-

Dop SPDIF Version 8995:-

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