2019 was our most ambitious and successful ISE show so far ! 
With the help of Procella Audio and Kaleidescape we pushed again the boundaries of immersive audio in the residential domain.
Showcasing Dolby Atmos Native content over an impressive
21.4.10 layout, we had a fantastic reception from all attendees
at this year ISE. So much in fact that it ended up in big line right
in front of our booth !
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Trinnov Awards & Reviews













HIGH-END – Tom Garrett receives ’”Best Demonstration/Presenter” at the International HiFi Show Australia

For a World’s first full 24.10.10 Dolby Atmos public demonstration, we did not expect less but still…congratulations to our partners Krix and Barco and to Tom Garrett from Trinnov for winning the Best Presenter of the show Award by stereonet.












HIGH-END – Altitude16 and Amplitude8M wins
Sound + Image Awards 2019

We are honored to have won product of the year for both our Altitude16 and Amplitude8m from Sound+Image Australia.

”It is for those who want the very highest performance, and the very highest levels of adjustment to specific circumstances. Those after such heights won’t be disappointed here”

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HIGH-END – in depth review of the Altitude16 in this month

In this month edition of, Dennis Burger gets deep into the Altitude 16, with a constructive review.

I’m literally miffed about having to box this beast up in a few days and ship it back to its manufacturer. I’ve been to the promised land and I don’t take kindly to being kicked out.”

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Trinnov Enables 48 and 64 Channel Immersive Audio Systems


Trinnov Enables 48 and 64 Channel Immersive Audio Systems with the Altitude48 and Altitude48ext

From its introduction in 2015, Trinnov’s Altitude32 has been fully capable of rendering 32 discrete channels. Now, as DSP-chipset manufacturers are finally about to achieve rendering of 16 channels, Trinnov engineering has created a solution to enable even more discrete channels from the Altitude32, expanding the count to 48 discretely-rendered channels by using the Altitude’s 32 analog outputs and its 16 AES digital outputs simultaneously.

This will allow – for the first time – users to experience the full immersive capabilities of Home Atmos, with its maximum 24.1.10 layout, plus an additional 14 channels that enable more possibilities in terms of bass management, multi-amplified speakers, and Trinnov Remapping.

However, the 16 AES digital outputs require an AES multi-channel High-End DAC that performs as well as the Altitude’s own renowned DAC. Trinnov’s solution is the new Altitude48ext. Based on the Trinnov Magnitude32, the Altitude48ext provides 16 channels of AES/EBU input and up to 32 channels of analog outputs, using the same state-of-the-art DACs used in the Altitude32. This ensures perfect coherence in the final rendering and brings the total potential channel count to 64 independently processed channels.

The 48ext (“48 extension”) is much more than just a DAC. It is a fully capable Trinnov unit with the processing power to perform tasks such as implementing and calibrating up to 4-way active crossovers, unlimited bass management, and both third-octave and FIR equalization. Combining the 48ext with an Altitude32 that has the 48 channel option gives users access to 48 discrete channels and as many as 64 independently processed channels, pushing even further the boundaries of what is achievable in a high-end Home Theater.

64 channel system example

The Altitude48ext will be showcased at CEDIA Expo 2018. Availability is expected this fall, with pricing to be announced.

Trinnov Audio New Website is Up !





Dear Friends & Partners,

We are Launching our New Website !

_About time!

Trinnov Audio has evolved and reached a crucial stage. Our brand image has grown as well and needs to be reflected on our main online portal: our website!

_Updated design & content

The site features a fresh look, easy navigation and more focus on what the customer needs.
The updated site includes major changes in its form and navigation system, but the changes are not just cosmetic.
We’ve also improved the structure of our content from the origins of the companies to our exclusive technologies, so you’ll get more from a quick read.

_Featured partners and user case

With the addition of the User case section, we would like to feature our partners, showcasing their work using our products. It will also be a perfect place to inform and educate our customers on our essential features and technology benefits, as well as the amazing designs made possible by our partners.

In the meantime, we hope you like the changes, and if you have any feedback, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

Best Regards,
Trinnov High End Team

Visit our new website today !

Trinnov to exhibit at ISE 2017

January 25th 2017 – Within 3 years, the French manufacturer Trinnov Audio has established the leading position in the High-End Home Theater market thanks to its flagship, multiple-award-winning product Altitude32, acclaimed both by press and industry professionals around the globe.

Ahead of ISE 2017, Trinnov announces a strong presence on the show floor. The company will support multiple high-end immersive audio demonstrations. In addition, the company’s CEO Arnaud Laborie will be giving a training session and sharing his latest findings in speaker placement for immersive sound room design.

In booth 5-U72, Artnovion, Procella Audio and Trinnov Audio will be co-exhibiting to demonstrate a high-spatial resolution 11.3.10 system powered by a Trinnov The Altitude32 AV Processor and two Amplitude8 power amplifiers. The demonstration will also benefit from the generous help of Kaleidescape, RTI, Screen Excellence and SIM2 as well as the Swedish acoustic design company Audio Data lab.

At the heart of the audio system will be Trinnov’s flagship AV Processor the Altitude32 in its 24-channel version which will be feeding two Trinnov Amplitude8 and Procella Audio power amplifiers.

The Procella Audio loudspeaker system will consist of 11 speakers at ear-level, 3x subwoofers including the new Procella Audio V18 and 10 overhead speakers to playback all immersive audio formats.

The 4K / HDR content, mostly with 3D audio soundtracks will be played back from a Kaleidescape Strato Movie Player feeding the new SIM2 Nero 4 DLP projector, producing a 160 inches wide image onto a Screen Excellence Enlightor Neo S. The system will be controlled via an RTI automation system.

Trinnov Altitude32 adds DTS:X




June 7, 2016 – Trinnov Audio’s Altitude32 becomes the first High End preamp/ processor to support all three immersive audio formats: Dolby Atmos®, Auro3D® and now DTS:X.

Moreover, DTS:X decoding capability is available immediately to all Altitude32 owners who purchased the 3D decoders option, via a simple software update. No new hardware is required, thanks to Trinnov’s proprietary, software-based audio engine.


The Altitude32 is already unique in the world of surround sound processors in that up to 32 discrete channels can be rendered (assuming the chosen surround format supports that many speaker positions). This capability stands in stark contrast to the hard limit of 12 discrete decoded channels imposed by DSP-chip based implementations.

The Altitude32 enjoys unrivaled flexibility and spatial resolution, thanks also to its unique 3D microphone and ability to accurately measure each speaker’s location in three-dimensional space. Combined with Trinnov’s patented 3D Remapping technology, owners of the Altitude32 enjoy a level of seamless, immersive audio that other platforms simply cannot approach.



Trinnov at ISE 2016

Trinnov Altitude processor

Paris, France, January 25th 2016 – One year ago, at ISE 2015, the French 3D Audio and Loudspeaker/Room Optimization specialist Trinnov Audio enabled the world’s first immersive audio demonstrations involving both Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos for the home. Now, at the 2016 ISE show, the Altitude32 is further enabled with decoding of the latest DTS immersive audio format, DTS:X.

In addition, Trinnov will conduct the world’s first demonstrations of its new power amplifier, the ultra high-performance Amplitude8. Both products will be on demo in booth 5-U72 (hall 5), and the Altitude32 will be used in four other booths as part of immersive speaker demonstrations.

Partners booths where to sea or ear Trinnov Audio products

Unlike other processors, the Altitude32 allows for seamless playback and transition between Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, optimally across any speaker layout, and without any action required from the user. In other words, the unique decoder software implementations in the Altitude32 do not only ensure an easy transition to 3D sound with the highest level of performance but also make the user interface simple and intuitive, maximizing the user’s enjoyment of their immersive audio system.

Trinnov Amplitude power amp

The Amplitude8 is an ultra high-performance 8-channel power amplifier, based on the Hypex N-Core NC1200 class D module. Essentially two four-channel amplifiers on one chassis, its two linear power supplies utilize heavy duty toroidal transformers to enable each module of the Amplitude8 to deliver 225W into 8 Ohms, 375W into 4 Ohms and 500W into 2 Ohms, ensuring the most dynamic and effortless sonic climaxes and explosions.

Hyper NCore

The Hypex NCore NC1200 module is used in the finest audiophile class-D monoblocks, and in Trinnov’s specific implementation, it perfectly matches the Altitude32’s output level for optimal signal to noise ratio and performance. The Amplitude8 features the industry’s lowest distortion and noise to achieve the finest sound quality and realism, even at high loudness levels.

In the equipment rack, the Amplitude8 perfectly complements the Altitude32, as the amplifier is designed to match the Altitude32’s incredible performance and look.

Active demonstrations

At ISE, Trinnov Audio and four speaker manufacturers will demonstrate high-performance immersive systems and achieve higher spatial resolution thanks to the superior decoding capabilities of the Altitude32.

In booth 5-U72, Artnovion, Image Screens, Procella Audio and Trinnov Audio will be co-exhibiting.
A 32-channel Altitude32 and two Amplitude8s will be demonstrated as part of an impressive 11.4.11 system.

The Altitude32 will also be used for decoding, bass management, and loudspeaker/room optimization by Alcons Audio, in booth 6-H152 and Bowers & Wilkins, in booth 10-K114.  The Alcons system will have a 7.4.6 configuration, and the Bowers & Wilkins system will have 9.4.6 channels.

Genelec, in booth 3-A124, and Pro Audio Technology, in booth 1-F41, will each use the Altitude32 to decode immersive formats. Genelec will demonstrate an 11.4.8 system, and Pro Audio Technology’s system will be 11.4.6.

About Trinnov Audio

TRINNOV Audio develops innovative solutions for a wide range of media, entertainment and research audio applications. The company is renowned for its state-of-the-art loudspeaker/room Optimizer, including the exclusive remapping technology, and for its research work in the area of 3D Audio.
The French manufacturer has always been committed to producing high-performance and reliable products for its demanding customers across the professional, high-end and commercial audio markets. Prestigious customers include Technicolor, Fox, BBC, Globo, NHK, Toho, UGC…

Participating in the show from Trinnov Audio will be CEO Arnaud Laborie, Arnaud Destinay, Antonine Galipon and Curt Hoyt. Visitors can meet us at booth 5-U72 in Hall 5.