B&K HTA 7.150 7-kanals slutsteg testad i senaste Hemmabio

Bild test













HTA 7.150 har testats av Hemmabiotidningen och fått en mycket bra slutstegsslutsats.

”Musiken får själ och andas i rummet”

”Med tanke på flexibilitet, kvaliteten, och ljudlyftet, så hör B&K HTA 7.150 till de sundare investeringar man kan göra om man bestämt sig för att satsa lite på sig själv i år.”


Leon Introducing the All-New Timbre SEVEN







Screen Research at the CEDIA Show 2017






Please come to visit us at our booth # 5710, you will have the opportunity to see in demonstration our 2-way lateral masking screen XLR3 from our flagship Reference X-Mask range. The screen will have full closure configuration, Nice ERA Inn ultra-quick and silent motors, and it will of course mount our famous award-winning THX and ISF certified truly acoustically transparent ClearPix 4K White woven fabric.



Procella Audio New Website

New Website: www.procella.audio


The expanded Procella team has been working hard behind the scenes getting ready to launch our new domain name and our new website!

Easy to remember, and easy to type, it’s simply Procella.audio

You’ll find the new website easier to navigate and better organized, especially for those seeking product information and downloads. We have new photography, freshly updated Tech Sheets, the latest specifications, pro audio case studies, and more to come.

Our new email addresses follow the same domain, as in first name (at) procella.audio. Check out the new website, and let us know what you think!

Procella at CEDIA 2017: Booth 1320

It’s only a month away! CEDIA comes this year to sunny Southern California and San Diego. We’ll be there in booth 1320, along with the rest of the Sound Developments lines: Trinnov, B&K, Front Row and Gray Sound. From modest P5 systems to massive P860 projects, come see why Procella is growing so rapidly worldwide.

[Sneak Peek] The All-New Leon Seven Series, Coming Soon




Screen Research Presentation Video

We are pleased to share with you the Screen Research presentation video we just made. Make sure to have the audio on, as it is a fundamental part of the video.

Enjoy it!

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