Screen Research exclusive provider for the ”Film Market” at the 66th edition of the ”Cannes Film Festival”

In 2013 Screen Research continues its partnership with the Marché du Film, the largest international film market for movie producers, buyers and broadcast companies held during the prestigious Cannes Film festival.

Dedicated to film industry professionals, the Marché du Film of the Festival de Cannes takes place each year in May. There are almost 12,000 participants from a hundred different countries, 4,500 films presented, 1,500 screenings, and millions of dollars in acquisition; all to make the most important event in the film industry. This year again, Screen Research award winning ClearPix video projection screens has been chosen as the Exclusive provider for the ”Film Market” and the ”Short Film Corner” events.

”We have chosen the ClearPix video projection screens Technology from Screen Research in 7 Theaters for the Film Market and the Short Film Corner because of the excellence of its performance. This guaranties Producer, Movie Directors, Directors of Photography and Sound Editors, perfect fidelity of the projected movie to the original picture and sound quality they originally created”. (from Jean-Pierre Vidal and Alain Besse).



Jean-Pierre Vidal is the Technical Director of the ”Cannes Film Festival”. Alain Besse (CST Distribution Department Moderator) is the technical manager for screenings for Cannes Film Festival and Cannes Film Market.

From Sasha Defranceschi, CTO of SCREEN RESEARCH

”We are very pleased that ClearPix 4K is the material of choice for the most demanding professionals in the film industry. It is the only screen material that allows reference quality reproduction of the digital picture combined with true fidelity to the original soundtrack. We are proud to guarantee our residential and broadcast professional customers the same technology and standard of excellence as those selected for the ”Film Market” during the Cannes Film Festival, the most important event in the movie industry”.


Screen Research ClearPix® technology is widely recognized as the best acoustically transparent video projection screen available in the market. Main features like: superior image fidelity certified by the Imaging Science foundation, outstanding sound transparency, that allow the screen to be ”THX” certified without requiring any prior sound equalization; full compatibility with the highest digital high definition format, including ”moiré free picture”, are making ClearPix® a unique ”state of art” product. ClearPix® video projection screen technology has been awarded as ”best product of the year” in all the main worldwide markets, and is the ”preferred choice” for most professionals in the Audio/Video Industry.


Distributed in 40 countries worldwide, Screen Research is a world-class provider of innovative projector screen solutions designed for custom home theater and professional cinema applications. Its product line offer state of-the-art video projection screen solutions, most notably its award-winning ClearPix® acoustically transparent THX® and ISF® certified screens. Screen Research is a brand of Adeo Screen.


Adeo Screen brands, Screen Research and Adeo Screen, are world-class providers of innovative projection screen solutions designed for custom home theatre, cinema and professional applications. Manufactured in Europe and distributed in 40 countries worldwide, the two brands are complementary and offer an extensive line of video projection screen solutions from state-of-the-art, THX® and ISF® certified screens, to high quality products for price sensitive markets.

New SilverPix™ 3D Screen Materials Announcement

Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projection screen solutions designed for custom home theater applications and professional cinema installations, is proud to announce the launch of a new category of screen materials:

                                             SilverPix™ 3D      SilverPix logo

Two fabrics will be part of this new category of screen materials: SilverPix™ 3D Silver 2.5 and it’s acoustically transparent version called SilverPix™ 3D Sonic Silver 2.4.

Sasha Defranceschi, Technical Director at Screen Research: “In both dedicated Home Theater and Media Room applications there is a clear need for reference quality passive polarized 3D screen materials. We are not the first company to introduce this type of projection surface, but we are very satisfied of the achieved quality of our new screen material that will now allow us to extend our offer and perfectly complete our wide range of screen material solutions giving to our international network of distributors and dealers the choice of a reference fabric for any application.”

SilverPix™ 3D and SilverPix™ 3D Sonic are innovative screen materials that offer excellent performance in passive polarized 3D applications and are designed specifically for 4K Ultra HD resolutions.They are made with a specially coated surface that preserves light polarization and eliminates crosstalk that can occur with stereoscopic passive polarized projection systems. In low and medium ambient light conditions, they give superb dynamic range, excellent color reproduction and very good white field uniformity.

Both of these screen materials can also be used in 2D and active 3D applications achieving great results and providing remarkable contrast ratio and good viewing angle. High gain value (2.5 and 2.4) allows them to be used in a more challenging ambient light conditions or in the combination of a very big screen with a less powerful videoprojector.

•Passive polarized 3D screen material

•Available in both solid and acoustically transparent screen materials
•Designed for 4K Ultra HD resolutions
•Compatible with controlled light conditions
•Compatible also with 2D and active 3D applications
•Excellent extinction ratio
•2.5 gain silver screen for both linear and circular polarization (2.4 gain for the acoustically transparent version)
•Excellent contrast levels and dynamic range
•Flame retardant

The SilverPix™ 3D technical data sheets are available at this link.

SilverPix™ 3D screen materials are available immediately with all our fixed frame screen models, including those with masking.

Ny agentur: Leon Speakers som är pionjärer inom design, utveckling och förädling av vägghängda hifi högtalare.


Leon Speakers Corporation grundades 1995 i Ann Arbor, Michigan. Leon Speakers är världsledande inom högpresterande audiophile-grade on-wall högtalare. Leon Speakers är pionjärer inom design, utveckling och förädling av vägghängda hifi högtalare. Leon Speakers utför ett minutiöst hantverk och kan erbjuda ett komplett utbud av eleganta högtalarlösningar, som ger en engagerande hembio upplevelse i lyxiga vardagsrum.

Nytt ClearPix™ 4K Ljudtransparent Dukmaterial från Screen Research

logosr                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      March 2013
Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projection screen solutions designed for custom home theater applications and professional cinema installations, is proud to announce the launch of its latest screen material:

ClearPix™ 4K White 1.0

This new ClearPix™ 4K screen material is specifically designed for new Ultra HD resolutions up to 4K and beyond. Its patented non-geometric structure allows sound to pass through with no attenuation and therefore no modification of the loudspeaker response curve is necessary. A perfectly flat-spectral color response is maintained even off-axis throughout the whole recommended viewing angle.

Sasha Defranceschi, Screen Research Technical Director: “With the introduction of the first ClearPix™ screen material, Screen Research redefined reference Home Theater experience. For the first time it allowed for proper positioning of loudspeakers behind the screen, without any compromise for picture or sound quality. ClearPix™ 4K brings this concept to another level. Our goal was to design a new reference 4K screen material while preserving the industry leading acoustical transparency of ClearPix™ 2. What we have managed to achieve has surpassed by far our best expectations: ClearPix™ 4K offers reference 4K video performance and doubles the acoustical transparency of ClearPix™ 2. That means that ClearPix™ 4K with our StopLight™ Black Backing has the same acoustical transparency of just the ClearPix™ 2 screen material by itself. We are very proud to extend our lead in the industry with this achievement.”

“The ClearPix™ 4K is THX® Certified, signifying it passed hundreds of tests ensuring superior video and audio performance. Our engineers tested everything from Moiré effect and off-axis viewing angles to audio attenuation and frequency response, confirming it delivers excellent acoustical transparency,” said Peter Vasay, Vice President Technology Operations at THX® Ltd. THX® certification is a warranty to consumers of uncompromised quality, ensuring that both the picture and audio soundtrack are reproduced with the same clarity and detail as in the studio.

•Reference performance matte white screen material
•True acoustic transparency
•Designed specifically for 4K Ultra HD resolutions and beyond
•Compatible with controlled light conditions
•Perfect color balance and white field uniformity with no hot spots
•Patented design
•THX® certified ensuring best-in-class video and audio performance
•ISF® certified ensuring best-in-class video

The ClearPix™ 4K White 1.0 technical data sheet is available at this link.

For pricing, please refer to the new Screen Research price list that will be released before the end of March 2013.

The Configurator on the Screen Research website should be fully updated by early April 2013.

THX® is a trademark of THX® Ltd., registered in the U.S. and other jurisdictions. All rights reserved.
ISF® is a registered trademark of Imaging Science Foundation, All rights reserved.


Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projection screen solutions designed for custom Home Theater and professional Cinema applications, is proud to announce the launch of two new MultiPix™ reference screen materials: MultiPix4K™ White and MultiPix4K™ Grey.










MultiPix4K™ Grey is a 1.3 gain screen material offering excellent ambient-light resistance TOGETHER with reference off-axis colorimetric response. It is designed for a High-End Home Theater/Media Room applications where complete ambient light control is not possible and reference colorimetric response is required. In this applications MultiPix4K™ Grey strikes a perfect balance between gain, ambient light reflection, viewing angle and hot-spot resistance.

MultiPix4K™ White is a 1.35 gain screen with similar characteristics designed for a less challenging ambient-light conditions and/or where higher gain/bigger screen size is necessary. It is also particularly well suited for Active 3D and Passive Spectral 3D applications.

Both screen materials are designed with a new ultra-high resolution standards in mind offering full 4K and 8K compatibility, giving a peace of mind for both today’s and tomorrow’s ultra high definition sources and projectors.

Using our Supreme DualFormat motorized screen, SolidPix™ White/MultiPix4K™ White material can be combined with MultiPix4K™ Grey in a single motorized solution offering best of both worlds for ISF® Day and Night modes: highest quality image optimized for late night viewing and a dedicated screen surface designed to reject ambient light and look best with some light in the room.










MultiPix™ family of products is based on our proprietary Multi-Layer technology which uses different layers of materials: front protective layer with gain particles built-in a light diffusion structure and back layer with proper colorimetric and reflection characteristics. By utilizing this approach our MultiPix™ screen materials are very robust providing very long life-time and allowing for trouble-free cleaning of the front surface without the risk of damage, which is not a case with painted front surfaces used by competition.

Sasha Defranceschi,
Screen Research Technical Director:

”We are very pleased to introduce 2 new screen materials to our reference line of roducts. Designed to perfectly complement our award-winning and industry changing acoustically transparent ClearPix™ solutions, these new materials are aimed for the high-end applications where acoustical transparency is not required and some ambient light presence is desired. Their color accuracy allow reference quality D65 calibrations and they meet stringiest ISF certification standards.”

Besök vårt rum under Arkenmässan!



Ni är hjärtligt välkomna att besöka rum 22 under Arkenmässan den 15-16 september.

Vi kommer visa produkter från:

-Suite 7.1 HD Preamp
-PTM-6150 Amp
-TEQ-12 Room Correction

– CPM-1 Ceiling Projector Mount

Leon Speakers
– Living Space Theater

MK Sound
– On-Wall Speakers
– In-Wall Speakers

– Styrsystem

Procella Audio
– P6 Speakers
– P18 Subwoofer
– DA-2800/DSP Amp

Screen Research
– Classic Line MultiPix 4K

– Crystal 35

Procella DA-2800: Den ultimata förstärkaren till Procella högtalare

Bra högtalare behöver en bra förstärkare och det är anledningen till att vi skapade DA-2800. Vi har spenderat mer än två år för att testa varenda klass-D förstärkar modul på marknaden och samtidigt utvecklat vår egen DSP-mjukvara och programmering. Resultatet är DA-2800 som vi är mycket stolta över och den är bästa möjliga förstärkaren för Procella högtalare. DA-2800 ökar ytterligare ljudkvalitén som Procella högtalare och subwoofers är kända för vilket ger dig en ännu större konkurrens försprång när det gäller att bygga 1:a klass hembiografer, studios eller kommersiella biografer.

Detaljerna: DA-2800 är en 2.800 Watts 4-kanals effektförstärkare som levererar 700W x 4 i 4 ohm och 360W x 4 i 8 ohm. För maximal effekt kan kanalparen bryggas för att producera 1400 W vid 8 ohm. Förstärkarens klass-D design är mycket effektiv och producerar enorm effekt i ett chassi som är endast 1 RU hög.

Det finns två versioner av förstärkaren: DA-2800 och DA-2800DSP. DA-2800DSP har inbyggd DSP med fabriksprogrammerade presets. Det ger aktiv delning och exakt EQ för att ge bästa möjliga ljud med Procella högtalare och subwoofers. Fabriksinställningarna täcker majoriteten av systemkonfigurationer men för unika systemkrav så går det att förbeställa den med anpassad DSP programmering. DA-2800 används när DSP inte behövs. Med helt transparent ljudkvalitet och kraftreserver för enorm dynamik så är DA-2800 verkligen den ultimata förstärkaren för Procella högtalare!