The Ultimate Flexibility When Planning a Theater

Sight lines are as important as anything in the home theater. Sometimes we must make sacrifices in this area. Either the ceiling is too low for a platform or it’s an existing theater without platforms.

So when platforms are not the preferred solution you can still raise the second or third row by using Fortress’ Motorized Adjustable Seat Height Accessory. Fortress’ seat height actuators allow you to raise the entire row up 8 inches. This sophisticated motion system is combined with heavy duty actuators to physically lift an entire row of seats. The lift is a maximum of 8 inches but can be stopped at any point.

This option offers the ultimate flexibility when planning a theater.
Now everyone can view the movie from a vantage point and
platforms become a choice….not a necessity.
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Trinnov Altitude32 Warranty Extension Program

5-Year Warranty Extension Program for the Altitude32
In 2018, we updated the warranty policy for the entire range of high-end products by extending the warranty period from three to five years.

Two years on and the first Altitude32 processors are now out of their five-year warranty.
Available starting January 4th, 2021, this program consists of a new, extended 5-year warranty period and includes a full inspection and refresh of the unit by our team in Paris. 
Please contact your dealer to learn more about this program.
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Fler utmärkelser för Trinnovs Altitude

We are honored to receive more Awards this year after winning a second EISA Award for the Altitude Platform in August, further confirming and recognizing the lasting impact the Altitude has made and keeps making on the AV Processor market.

CEDIA Awards EMEA 2020 Best New Software

The CEDIA judges recognized the highly impactful achievements of our R&D team with the introduction of DTS:X Pro earlier this year. We’ve introduced a new version since;  read more below

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CEPro Best Product Award & CEDIA Expo 2020

The Trinnov Altitude32 received a BEST New Product Award by CEPro during the Virtual CEDIA Expo 2020 in the Home Theater A/V Receivers & Source Components category.

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Trinnov Audio is pleased to announce the release of software version 4.2.16, an upgrade for the Altitude32 and Altitude16 processors that incorporates a much-desired but previously unavailable feature: an Object Viewer for Dolby Atmos™. While enjoying Atmos content, Altitude owners will be able to use the processor’s user interface to see a graphic three-dimensional representation of the location of each sound object, all in real-time. 

“We are very happy to deliver to Trinnov owners a highly useful and even educational feature that will enable them to better discover the details of the Dolby Atmos mix of their favorite films and music,” said Trinnov CEO Arnaud Laborie. “Our customers have shown a great deal of interest in the process of creating Dolby Atmos soundtracks and understanding how sounds are located in playback. Our Object Viewer allows them, for the first time, to see into the audio mix and to identify to what extent the sound mixer has utilized the 3D sound palette provided by Atmos. Our research and development team works tirelessly to ensure that Trinnov remains at the leading edge in delivering innovative capabilities and technologies to our customers.” 

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