DTS:X Pro available to all Trinnov Altitude owners very soon

It is with great pleasure that we announce our completion of the full DTS:X Pro certification.  We have received official authorization from our partner DTS to publically release a new software version for the Altitude32 and Altitude16 home theater processors today.  This software will be available to current and future Altitude owners, free of charge, in the next few days. 

This new version will enable all our customers to unleash the potential of DTS:X with additional discretely rendered channels, all via a simple software update.

We are proud to be the first to release this new technology and to once again offer a unique implementation that goes beyond what all DSP-based platforms can deliver.

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Brand New HCM Home Cinema Seats – Dutch Cinema Luxury

New Cinema Seats

We all know the importance of a good experience in your home cinema. The chair in which you easily sit for over 4 hours is overlooked and that takes away a bit of pleasure. Last summer René and Sebastiaan developed 2 new models with 3 things to keep in mind. Price, design, and quality.

So we are very proud to announce the HCM Atlas and HCM Sirius. See For Yourself >

Ny produkt, fiber HDMI kablar från FIBBR











Traditional cables are not stable enough when connected to 4K display, which can results in frame loss or jams. And since the speed is relatively low, the 4K display is also affected.

FIBBR active optical fiber cable can display sophisticated images better, and its fast speed data transmission without delay can provide excellent audios and videos of blockbusters for users.It’s quite worthwhile for people loving watching HD blockbusters to installed FIBBR cable on their HD video devices.

For the speciality of game applications, we are more supportive on the 4k@60Hz display, thus to provide more smooth game experience.



The basic element of optical fiber is quartz which can transmit light, but is neither electrical conductive nor affected by electromagnetic field.Therefore, optical fiber cables are more powerful in countering electromagnetic and industrial interference. When optical fiber cable is connected in game playing, players don’t need to worry that any other devices might interfere with the images so they can fully involved in the game, thus being an exceptionally useful help for game players.

Audio information has extremely high demand for transmitter material. FIBBR optical cables have super low ground noise, which ensures the sound to be pure and brings superb audio visual enjoyment to users.



The connecting wire volume and weight of FIBBR optical HDMI cables are 60% less than those of traditional copper wires.

Being thinner, lighter and softer makes both application and wiring easier and more convenient.Fibber optical fiber cable is compatible with many HD devices, and users don’t need to worry about cable route planning and placement any more.