Trinnov Audio



Trinnov Audio designs and manufactures preamplifiers and processors featuring exclusive
loudspeaker/room optimization and 3D sound technologies
for high-end Hi-Fi & Home Theaters, Professional Studios and Movie Theaters.

Trinnov Audio is a team of engineers who are Passionate about audio quality.
We focus on developing innovative solutions that improve the Quality of Sound throughout the production chain until the end listener.
Our extensive Research has lead to five international patents.



Bring the movie theater IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE to your home cinema

Since 2014, the Altitude32 preamplifier has become
the best solution for 3D luxury home theaters,
thanks to its revolutionary hardware platform that integrates the latest 3D audio Technologies.

The only AV preamplifier with its own implementation of the latest 3D audio decoders:
Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D and DTS:X.