Experience The Procella Effect at CEDIA Expo Sound Room SR-12


  • Procella HD Audio demo system in Sound Room SR-12 features P815 L/C/Rs, P18 subwoofer and P6 surround speakers
  • Procella Audio USA to launch U.S. distribution of  StormAudio processors and power amplifiers
  • StormAudio 16-channel SSP16.3D processor and StormAudio multichannel power amps will drive the system
  • First look at the P6iW in-wall speaker
  • Sound Room will have a baffle wall and Quest Acoustical Interiors design and room treatments
  • StormAudio Manufacturer Training on Wednesday and Friday 

Procella’s Sound Room SR-12 is a must-see at this year’s show! We’re building a baffle wall to showcase biamplified P815s, a P18 active subwoofer and an array of P6 surround speakers. Playback and amplification are through StormAudio’s SSP16.3D processor and StormAudio amplification.

Who is StormAudio? Procella Audio USA is launching distribution of StormAudio in the U.S. This very exciting brand-new line of high-performance audio electronics features two state-of-the-art surround processors, a complete lineup of 12 multichannel audiophile power amplifiers that include both class AB and Class D designs, an integrated amp and a CD player.