Procella Audio Upgrades the Classic P6 Speaker Family: P6 MkII and P6V MkII Now Shipping

– Both speakers feature a new Neodymium high frequency compression driver

– Upgraded crossover design maximizes advantage of new tweeter

– P6 Mk II sports a new look with full front baffle grille

Stockholm, Sweden and Venice, California – May 19, 2021 – Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance, high-definition speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced today that its highly popular P6 family of loudspeakers has been upgraded with the release of the P6 Mk II and P6V Mk II. These new speakers have improved sound quality through the use of a new 1 inch Neodymium compression driver for high frequencies and a new crossover design. Both models can be utilized as main and surround channel speakers, and the P6 Mk II is also used as the mid and high frequency module of the full-range P610 loudspeaker.

Producing identical sound quality, both models share speaker and crossover components. The speakers are differentiated by the orientation of the speaker cabinets. The P6 Mk II is wider than it is tall, where the P6V Mk II is taller than it is wide. While the P6 Mk II is typically used as a main channel speaker, the P6V Mk II is more often used as a surround channel speaker or as a main speaker located next to a display or screen. Compared to the earlier P6 versions, the width of the P6 Mk II and the height of the P6V Mk II have been slightly increased to 12 inches/305mm. Both versions have a shallow cabinet depth of only 4.9 inches/125mm.

The new version of the P6 Mk II also features upgraded cosmetics. Its speaker grille now covers essentially the entire front baffle, rather than just the speaker’s woofer driver, matching the appearance of the P6V and the P6V Mk II.

“The P6 has been one of our best-selling loudspeakers because of its great value and its suitability for multiple applications as a main or surround channel speaker. With its new compression driver and crossover, the sound quality of the P6 Mk II edges even closer to that of our reference standard P8, stated Procella founder and designer Anders Uggelberg. “I’m really pleased with the improvement in transparency and detail.”

Unlike typical home theater loudspeakers in this price category, both models use a professional audio compression driver in place of the commonly-used dome tweeter for reproducing high frequencies. Dome tweeters work well in small rooms and limited dynamic range material, but can suffer from output limitations, dynamic compression and limited coverage when used in medium to large theaters with multiple seats. Compression drivers have greater sensitivity and power handling than dome tweeters, and can therefore produce much greater output without limitations. The new Neodymium compression driver of the P6/P6V Mk II is mounted on Procella’s proprietary constant directivity waveguide, which provides a consistent and smooth high frequency response across the listening area, in both the horizontal and vertical axes.

To maximize performance Procella has designed a new, improved Identical Voices™ crossover for the P6/P6V Mk II. A high-output 6.5 inch woofer with a 40mm voice coil completes the design. Both are timbre-matched to all Procella loudspeakers, making them suitable for use as part of any Procella speaker configuration.

A black painted finish with removable black fabric grille is standard. A simple to install hanging bracket for flush mounting to walls is included. The P6V Mk II has an additional mounting option with back baffle integral threaded inserts in the VESA 100 x 100 pattern.

MSRP for both models remains unchanged at 19 250:- SEK. Now shipping from the Procella Audio factory in Sweden, U.S. deliveries will begin by the end of June 2021.

Procella Stands Out at ISE




ISE 2018


Well, we’re finally getting around to updating you on yet another record-breaking ISE show! And by a consensus of visitors to our booth, once again the Procella/Trinnov combination of speakers, amplifiers and digital acoustical processing achieved world-class performance. Click here to see Chuck Back’s Rave Publications show video. Overall, the show was incredibly well attended, and we easily met our goals of meeting with distributors and dealers, prospective new dealers from across the globe. We had a constant stream of visitors queuing up, starting on day one, coming to hear our 11.4.6 immersive audio demo system.

With demo cuts ranging from Guardians of the Galaxy to Dunkirk, Gravity, Spiderman Homecoming and Wonder Woman, listeners heard a very natural sound with real cinema impact when it was called for (which was frequently!). Throughout the show, the crowds filled all 15 seats with many demos running with listeners standing in the back of the room.

Unlike past years, where we showcased P815s as the main speakers, we chose to present a more moderately priced system to demonstrate the consistently high level of Procella speakers at all price levels. We chose to go with P8s for the L/C/Rs (located above a solid screen), with P5Vs and P5s used for the surround and height channels. In the same custom-built 7.3 x 5 x 4m theatre as last year, the P8s and P5s were easily able to achieve the Procella Effect of incredibly powerful and dynamic immersive sound.

Anders created a unique multi-subwoofer configuration, using one V18, one P18, and two P15 subs. The V18 was located in the baffle wall and used exclusively for the LFE channel. The P18, also located in the baffle wall, was fed the redirected bass below 80 Hz from the left, center and right channels. One P15 was located on the right side wall, handling the low frequencies for just the right side surround and height channels, while the left side wall P15 was used just for the low frequency content of the left surround and height channels.

P8iW new

We showed for the very first time the P8iW high-output in-wall speaker and the very high-power DA08-DSP power amplifier. The P8iW was on a static display, while two DA08-DSPs were used to drive the V18 and P18 subwoofers. Interest in the P8iW is already high among dealers looking to design advanced immersive audio systems, with several projects already in the planning stage. The DA08DSP maximizes the performance of the awesome V18, P18, and V6 subwoofers by delivering double the power of the DA06-DSP. Look for the DA08-DSP in the late spring and the P8iW in late summer or the early fall.


DA08 new





The 11.4.6 Atmos/Auro-3D/DTS:X demo system consisted of:
• 3x P8 L/C/R channels
• 2x P5V wide channels (one left, one right)
• 4x P5V side surrounds (two left side, two right side)
• 2x P5V back surrounds (one left, one right)
• 6x P5 height channels (three left, three right in an Atmos configuration)
• 1x V18 Bass Engine subwoofer, driven by Procella DA08 power amp
• 1x P18 subwoofer, driven by one Procella DA08 power amp.
• 2x P15 subwoofers (one left side, one right side
• 3x Procella DA06DSP power amplifiers (for the L/C/R speakers)
• 2x Procella DA08DAP power amplifiers (one for the V18, one for the P18)
• 2x Procella DA06-DSP power amplifiers (one for each P15)
• Trinnov Altitude32 AL-1624 24-channel processor
• 2x Trinnov Amplitude8 power amplifiers (for all surround and height channels)
• Artnovion absorbers and diffusors for room treatment on all walls and ceiling
• Kaleidescape Strato server
• JVC DLA-Z1 4K HDR laser projector
• Screen Research solid projection screen
We’d like to thank our booth partners Trinnov Audio, Artnovion, Kaleidescape, JVC, Fibbr, and Screen Research. We’re already booked to be back next year with another reference-quality demo system. See you in Amsterdam next February!

Hear Procella at ISE: Booth 5-U90





Experience Procella at ISE: 5-U90

It’s a new year, and that means the ISE show in Amsterdam is just a couple of weeks away! Experience the Procella Effect in booth 5-U90, as we exhibit a full immersive audio theater with our partners Trinnov Audio and Artnovion.

ISE 2018 layout








Our custom-built theater will be outfitted with 21 loudspeakers, enabling us to demonstrate both 9.2.4 and 11.4.6 channel configurations. We’re using P8s as the main speakers to prove that full-range P815s are not necessary to achieve Procella excellence in small to medium size rooms! The P8s will be located above the screen, just as Procella cinema speakers are located in Nordic Cinema Group’s premium Scape™ commercial Atmos™ cinemas. P5Vs will be used as surrounds, with P5s as height channel speakers. And you’ll enjoy powerful, articulate bass with V18, P18, and P15 subwoofers. Our high channel count processing will be courtesy of the Trinnov Altitude32, and Artnovion is providing the acoustical design and treatment.

New Products! P8iW and DA-08DSP


Two timely and exciting products will be seen for the first time at ISE – the P8iW in-wall speaker and the massively powerful DA08-DSP power amp.

Designed primarily for use as a height or surround channel speaker, the P8iW delivers the full performance of the classic P8 while gracefully integrating into any room’s decor. Its 1.5″ compression driver is mounted on a new 90 degree circular waveguide that is mounted at an angle of 15 degrees relative to the front baffle. This  enables the installer to direct the high frequency radiation towards the listening position, even when the speaker is mounted overhead as a height channel. With its 8 inch woofer, the speaker can reach 128 dB peak output!

The P8iW uses Procella’s wing-mounting system for easy and efficient installation. Its input terminals are on the removable front baffle that contains the drivers and crossovers, providing easy installation and service access. Both black and white fabric grilles are included. Delivery of the P8iW should be mid-2018.


The DA-08DSP becomes the reference power amplifier for the V18, P18, and V6 subwoofers, with double the output power of the DA06-DSP. It delivers 1,200 Watts/channel into 8 ohms and 2,400 Watts/channel into 4 ohms. Its massive power supply ensures dynamic low-frequency output at even the highest playback levels. DSP presets are provided for all Procella speakers, just as with the DA05 and DA06. Expect the DA08-DSP to ship in the late spring.


Procella Audio New Website

New Website:


The expanded Procella team has been working hard behind the scenes getting ready to launch our new domain name and our new website!

Easy to remember, and easy to type, it’s simply

You’ll find the new website easier to navigate and better organized, especially for those seeking product information and downloads. We have new photography, freshly updated Tech Sheets, the latest specifications, pro audio case studies, and more to come.

Our new email addresses follow the same domain, as in first name (at) Check out the new website, and let us know what you think!

Procella at CEDIA 2017: Booth 1320

It’s only a month away! CEDIA comes this year to sunny Southern California and San Diego. We’ll be there in booth 1320, along with the rest of the Sound Developments lines: Trinnov, B&K, Front Row and Gray Sound. From modest P5 systems to massive P860 projects, come see why Procella is growing so rapidly worldwide.

Procella’s Best Sound of Show at ISE

















If you didn’t make it to ISE 2017 this year, you missed perhaps the best Procella demo yet! Once again, the Procella and Trinnov combination delivered world-class immersive audio performance to critical listeners, over the four days of the show.

We carefully planned the system well in advance and conducted an off-site audio dress rehearsal with the partners in January. As a result, in our custom-built demo theatre, we achieved the Procella Effect: incredibly powerful and dynamic immersive sound, with visitors praising, among many other things, exceptional dialog intelligibility and a formidable low end. By the end of the first day, our booth had become a destination for show attendees, and we played to full houses with standing room only for virtually every demonstration.




The 11.3.10 Atmos/Auro-3D/DTS:X demo system consisted of:

  • P815 L/C/R channels biamplified by Procella DA06DSP power amps
  • P8 high L/C/R channels on the baffle wall over the screen
  • P6V wide channels (one left, one right)
  • P6 side surrounds (two left side, two right side)
  • P6 back surrounds (one left, one right)
  • P5 height channels (three left, three right in an Atmos configuration)
  • P5 top channel
  • V18 Bass Engine subwoofer, driven by two Procella DA07 power amps
  • P15 subwoofers (one left wall, one right wall, driven by Procella DA05DSP power amps)
  • Trinnov Altitude32 AL-1624 24-channel processor
  • Trinnov Amplitude8 power amplifiers (two, used for all channels not driven by the Procella amplifiers)
  • Artnovion absorbers and diffusors for room treatment on all walls and ceiling
  • SIM2 NERO 4 4K HDR projector
  • Screen Innovations acoustically transparent screen
Ranging from the P5 to the P860, we also displayed the entire Procella Audio lineup of loudspeakers for show visitors to see. Many thanks to our booth partners Trinnov Audio, Artnovion, and SIM2. Special thanks go to Ingemar Ohlsson of Audio Data Lab in Stockholm, who provided the room’s acoustical design. If you missed this year’s show, you’ll get another chance at ISE in Amsterdam in 2018. Hope to see you then!

A recap of the Procella Audio immersive 3D audio DEMOROOM with a 11.3.10 layout.













ISE 2017 booth Procella Audio big succés

A week after the ISE 2017 it’s time to recap what has happened in Amsterdam at the RAI. It was one of our most successful shows so far at the ISE. We had ”as said by our visitors” the best demo, however this raises the bar for next year… (6-9 februari 2018) but we will definitely amaze you again next year! Thank you very much for sharing this all on Social Media. On the right the ”redesigned” P6V, comes now with 10×10 VESA mounting and a cover that completely covers the front so it will look much better in a home theater or living room environment.












Demoroom dimensions 5x7x4M in a 11.3.10 3D immersive sound setup. In short we used: P815, P8, P6V, P6, P5, P15 and the might V18 our new dual 18inch in a V configuration subwoofer!

























Do you want to be a Procella Audio dealer or want to know more first then feel free to contact us

See Procella @ ISE



See Us in Amsterdam: 11.3.10 Atmos Demo Hall 5 – U72

The show is just a week away! Come to booth 5 – U72 to experience ISE’s most powerful immersive audio demo. With partners Trinnov Audio, Artnovion, SIM2 and our UK distributor Invision, our 11.3.10 channel system is crafted to deliver the best sound at the show.

You’ll get your first chance to hear the 137 dB Bass Engine V18 active subwoofer. The LCRs are baffle-wall mounted P815s, the high LCRs are P8s, and the bed layer speakers are P6Vs and P6s. All overhead speakers are P5s. Amplification is a mix of Procella DA-06DSP, DA-05DSP, and Trinnov Amplitude8 power amplifiers. The Trinnov Altitude32 surround processor is the heart of the system, the only consumer processor capable of rendering more than 12 discrete Atmos channels. 4K UHD images will be delivered by SIM2’s incredible NERO4 projector.

The purpose-built room was designed by our good friend Ingemar Ohlsson of Audio Data Lab, and the room treatments are by Artnovion. Gerard Brouwer of Home Cinema Projects has managed the complex project.

You’ll also see the full range of Procella products, especially our newest models:
V18 Bass Engine Dual 18-inch V-Loaded Active Subwoofer
P15A Single 15-inch Active Subwoofer
P5V Slimline speaker
P5iW In-Wall


Procella Audio World-Class 11.3.10 Atmos @ ISE

Atmos Elevated: 11.3.10 ISE Demo

Bringing together global leaders in their respective product categories, Procella and partners Trinnov Audio and Artnovion invite you to ISE to experience the show’s most advanced immersive audio system – our custom-designed 11.3.10 channel system, capable of Dolby Atmos®, Auro-3D®, and DTS:X® playback.

We’re going all out with the 11.3.10 channel configuration:

Start with the massive V18 dual-18 inch Bass Engine active subwoofer (137 dB!), making its debut as the main subwoofer, with P15s used as balancing subs. Baffle-wall mounted Procella P815 speakers will be used for the left, center and right channels, powered by Procella DA-06DSP power amplifiers. Three P8s, driven by Procella DA-05DSP amps, will be used for the high left, center, and right channels. Trinnov Amplitude8 power amps will drive the P6V wide channels, six P6 surrounds, and seven P5 height channels.

The high-channel count of this system (22 discrete decoded channels), is only possible through the use of the Trinnov Altitude32 surround processor, our processor of choice and the only consumer processor capable of rendering more than 12 discrete Atmos channels.

All of the exhibiting partners invested extra time to ensure the success of this year’s demo.

The purpose-built room was designed by one of our long-time partners and friends, acoustician Ingemar Ohlsson of Audio Data Lab in Stockholm. The room’s performance is enhanced and optimized by the engineering team of Artnovion, who designed and provided the room treatments. Gerard Brouwer of Home Cinema Projects (Procella’s Netherlands dealer) managed the project and supervised the room construction. Brilliant and razor-sharp 4K UHD images will be provided by SIM2’s incredible NERO4 projector.

New Products
After experiencing the demo, you’ll be able to see the full range of Procella products, and take in the newest models:
V18 Bass Engine Dual 18-inch V-Loaded Active Subwoofer
P15A Single 15-inch Active Subwoofer
P5V Slimline speaker
P5iW In-Wall