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LUMAGEN är ett privatägt bolag som grundades i september 2001. De har sitt huvudkontor i Beaverton, USA. LUMAGEN tillhandahåller lösningar för video växling, kalibrering, plus deinterlacing och skalning. Det tillsammans erbjuder kunniga integratörer och entusiaster produkter med bästa kvalitén och den mest korrekta bilden.


Trinnov at ISE 2016

Trinnov Altitude processor

Paris, France, January 25th 2016 – One year ago, at ISE 2015, the French 3D Audio and Loudspeaker/Room Optimization specialist Trinnov Audio enabled the world’s first immersive audio demonstrations involving both Auro-3D and Dolby Atmos for the home. Now, at the 2016 ISE show, the Altitude32 is further enabled with decoding of the latest DTS immersive audio format, DTS:X.

In addition, Trinnov will conduct the world’s first demonstrations of its new power amplifier, the ultra high-performance Amplitude8. Both products will be on demo in booth 5-U72 (hall 5), and the Altitude32 will be used in four other booths as part of immersive speaker demonstrations.

Partners booths where to sea or ear Trinnov Audio products

Unlike other processors, the Altitude32 allows for seamless playback and transition between Auro-3D, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, optimally across any speaker layout, and without any action required from the user. In other words, the unique decoder software implementations in the Altitude32 do not only ensure an easy transition to 3D sound with the highest level of performance but also make the user interface simple and intuitive, maximizing the user’s enjoyment of their immersive audio system.

Trinnov Amplitude power amp

The Amplitude8 is an ultra high-performance 8-channel power amplifier, based on the Hypex N-Core NC1200 class D module. Essentially two four-channel amplifiers on one chassis, its two linear power supplies utilize heavy duty toroidal transformers to enable each module of the Amplitude8 to deliver 225W into 8 Ohms, 375W into 4 Ohms and 500W into 2 Ohms, ensuring the most dynamic and effortless sonic climaxes and explosions.

Hyper NCore

The Hypex NCore NC1200 module is used in the finest audiophile class-D monoblocks, and in Trinnov’s specific implementation, it perfectly matches the Altitude32’s output level for optimal signal to noise ratio and performance. The Amplitude8 features the industry’s lowest distortion and noise to achieve the finest sound quality and realism, even at high loudness levels.

In the equipment rack, the Amplitude8 perfectly complements the Altitude32, as the amplifier is designed to match the Altitude32’s incredible performance and look.

Active demonstrations

At ISE, Trinnov Audio and four speaker manufacturers will demonstrate high-performance immersive systems and achieve higher spatial resolution thanks to the superior decoding capabilities of the Altitude32.

In booth 5-U72, Artnovion, Image Screens, Procella Audio and Trinnov Audio will be co-exhibiting.
A 32-channel Altitude32 and two Amplitude8s will be demonstrated as part of an impressive 11.4.11 system.

The Altitude32 will also be used for decoding, bass management, and loudspeaker/room optimization by Alcons Audio, in booth 6-H152 and Bowers & Wilkins, in booth 10-K114.  The Alcons system will have a 7.4.6 configuration, and the Bowers & Wilkins system will have 9.4.6 channels.

Genelec, in booth 3-A124, and Pro Audio Technology, in booth 1-F41, will each use the Altitude32 to decode immersive formats. Genelec will demonstrate an 11.4.8 system, and Pro Audio Technology’s system will be 11.4.6.

About Trinnov Audio

TRINNOV Audio develops innovative solutions for a wide range of media, entertainment and research audio applications. The company is renowned for its state-of-the-art loudspeaker/room Optimizer, including the exclusive remapping technology, and for its research work in the area of 3D Audio.
The French manufacturer has always been committed to producing high-performance and reliable products for its demanding customers across the professional, high-end and commercial audio markets. Prestigious customers include Technicolor, Fox, BBC, Globo, NHK, Toho, UGC…

Participating in the show from Trinnov Audio will be CEO Arnaud Laborie, Arnaud Destinay, Antonine Galipon and Curt Hoyt. Visitors can meet us at booth 5-U72 in Hall 5.




Procella Audio 11.4.11 ATMOS at ISE

11.4.11 Channel Configuration
For ISE’s Most Advanced Atmos Theater:
Procella Audio Stand 5-U72

Once again, Procella Audio is at the heart of the most advanced technology showcase at ISE! Come see us in Hall 5, stand 5-U72 to experience 11.4.11 channel immersive audio, with 11 bed channels, 4 subwoofer channels, and 11 overhead channels. Well beyond the capability of most all consumer Atmos systems, this system will deliver the most immersive experience at the show!

We’re sharing the exhibit space with multiple partners. Artnovion is providing the room design and acoustical treatments, Image Screens will supply the acoustically transparent screen, and, once again, we’re partnering with Trinnov Audio and their P815 2012unsurpassed Altitude 32 preamp/processor.

Our active demo will consist of 3 full-range P815 main channel speakers, a P18 dual 18-inch active subwoofer, three P12 active subwoofers as balancing subs, and 19 P5 speakers – 8 as surround/wide channels, and 11 as overhead channels. When used with the Trinnov Altitude processor, this layout is optimized for playback of all three immersive formats: Dolby Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X. We’ll also have a sneak preview of new models based on the popular P5 speaker!

The show runs four days this year – from Tuesday the 9th through Friday the 12th. Anders, Gerben and Chuck look forward to meeting with you to talk about your upcoming projects, especially for 3D Audio. To schedule an appointment time, please Contact info@nsht.se. Don’t miss this extraordinary demo experience. See you in Amsterdam!

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