Procella Audio 11.4.11 Atmos System Best Demo at ISE

Procella ISE 2016


Best Demo at ISE:
11.4.11 Channel Atmos/Auro-3D/DTS:X Theater

If you weren’t able to make it to ISE, you missed a powerfully immersive demo! Praised by visitors as the best-sounding 3D Audio demo at the show, the Procella/Trinnov/Artnovion/Image system had 11 base channels, 11 height channels, and 4 subwoofers. With Procella sound quality and a channel count far beyond that of other systems at the show, its imaging and immersion were equally compelling, enabling listeners to evaluate the strengths of each 3D audio format.a3d1a187-01e5-4811-bdb1-82ff8f0f0579

In the photo nearby, you can see part of the array of P5 speakers mounted on the four meter high ceiling: for Atmos, two left side and two right side speakers, and for Auro-3D, two speakers for the Voice of God channel. Not shown are the two additional Atmos speakers and the front left, center and right height channels for the Auro-3D format.

d92b0a99-b441-4d42-a998-a2cc006ed888Our ability to demonstrate such an advanced system was based on our show partnership with Trinnov Audio and their mighty Altitude 32 processor. In addition to impeccable sound quality, the Altitude enabled us to make demonstrations with content encoded in all three immersive formats: Atmos, Auro-3D, and DTS:X.

Thanks to co-exhibitor Artnovion of Portugal, our demo room was both attractive and well treated acoustically.You can see some of their acoustical panels in the above photo (note that the red diffusers appear orange in the photo because of the flash).

Back to Procella, we showed the full lineup outside the demo room, including a sneak preview of the slimline version of the P5 speaker, which is shown here. Ideal for mounting next to flat panel displays and screens, we’re looking at shipping this speaker later in the year.

With record attendance of over 65,000, the show floor was the busiest ever, and our presentation was made to full houses on the first three days and much of the fourth day. For more on the show, see our rAVe videos describing the 11.4.11 demo system and the Procella lineup.

Screen Research visade nya produkter på ISE

New X-Mask XLR3 and XTR3, lateral and top/bottom masking screens, with an improved masking system, bigger size available up to 240” width (lateral version only), E-grip system to fix the fabric, reduced production lead time and more competitive pricing.

Klicka här för att se en video från ISE, som visar hur snabb och tyst den nya motorn för maskningen är.

New FSD fixed frame screen with an ultra-thin outer frame of 10 x 6 mm edge covered in black flocking, for a very elegant and design screen solution, with optional back-lighting effect.



New FI3 and T-FI3 improved fixed integrator screens (flat and curved) for permanent wall-mounting or in-wall integration, with E-grip system to fix the fabric and more competitive pricing.



New FC fixed cinema screen for very large commercial screens, up to 24 m width and 10 m height, in multiple formats.