New product: PROCELLA V18 – Make space for the bass!

Introducing the Procella V18 – 10th Anniversary – The Bass Engine!



















Why the V18? Because our best customers around the world asked for an even more powerful subwoofer than the P18! Mind you, the P18 sub is one of our best selling products of the last 10 years, and at 133 dB max SPL, the P18 is a pure heavy weight. The Procella V18 crushes in with 50% MORE POWER at 136 dB max SPL, using our proven V-arrangement, as used in the P860 bass engine, the V6.

Placing the two hand-made-in-Italy, studio-quality with neodymium magnets, 18″ drivers in a tight V-arrangement, their output is not only coupled, but also highly compression loaded, resulting in stunningly, shockingly loud, transient and accurate bass, with most of the 3dB more power gain at low frequencies, just where you want it. Bass lovers will choke on the -3dB frequency of 18Hz!

The V18 is not only bigger in output, it is also a physical brute. It gets shipped in it’s own crate, it weighs in at 100Kg and it sits big at 105 x 52 x 67 cm (or 42 x 21 x 27″), so this is not a small, compact or shallow subwoofer like all the other Procella subs. With the V18, we are claiming some real estate! Make space for the bass!

The Procella V18 requires DSP processing in the amplifier, we recommend the Procella DA06 amplifier, one per V18! The Procella V18 is recommended for use in medium/large to very large rooms, together with the Procella P815 or P860 loudspeakers.

Cabinet, drivers and amplifiers are all made in Europe.
Assembled and individually QA tested in the Procella Audio factory in Ljusdal, Sweden
Use two pair of 4mm2 or 6mm2 speaker wire to connect the V18 to the DA06