madVR Envy Extreme MK2 Wins ProjectorCentral 5-Star Editor’s Choice Award

We are thrilled to announce that our madVR Envy Extreme MK2 has just been awarded the prestigious ProjectorCentral Editor’s Choice Award in this just-published, 5-star review! This is a testament to our dedication to providing the best possible video processing experience for our valued customers like you.

“The madVR Envy video processors provide a robust feature set that continues to grow and move this very small segment of the industry forward to keep up with today’s needs in video, while also setting madVR apart from the competition with their forward-looking outlook and approach to what today’s video processor can be and should be.”

“There’s a reason you see an Envy paired with so many brands at tradeshows. There’s a reason it has garnered so many accolades in the short time it’s been in the market. It really is a great product. When looking at the big picture of what it offers now and will offer in the future, such as MotionAI and other upcoming features being developed by madVR, it’s understandable why it receives the praise it does.”

“It has a very premium, high-end look and appeal, very attractive and much preferred over the MK1, and the included rack ears and mounting hardware are very much appreciated.”

MotionAI really is one of the better implementations I’ve seen of motion interpolation. It even corrected the menu navigation on Apple TV and Kaleidescape, which I set in both devices to output at 23.976 Hz, resulting in menus that have a choppy look during navigation. With MotionAI, those menus looked as clean and smooth as when they are set to 60 Hz.”

“I’m glad to say that in most cases the MotionAI was right on the heels of Sony’s motion handling, or met it equally, or at times even exceeded it. The most impressive part to me was how little Soap Opera Effect there was, and therefore how well the MotionAI was able to improve clarity without losing that film-like look.”

“Instant Aspect Ratio control truly is instant […] and the transition is seamless, with each aspect ratio correctly displayed. There is no visible lag in the switch…”

“The original Envy Extreme (now designated the MK1) introduced a number of sophisticated features that have been brought along, including class leading frame-by-frame dynamic tone mapping for HDR, scaling, high-precision color calibration, and a wealth of others….”

“The Dynamic Tone Mapping that the Envy performs is some of the best I’ve seen. Regardless if the content is mastered with a maximum peak of 10,000, 4,000, or 1,000 nits, it’s displayed with a high APL while resolving detail that would normally be clipped if using a display’s own tone-mapping solution. This is also true when using the Envy for direct view displays such as an LED or OLED.”

“Those familiar or curious about Envy may have seen various videos of scenes from Harry Potter when he was fighting Voldemort alongside the ghosts of his parents in The Goblet of Fire, or shots from Aquaman when Aquaman is chained before his brother that show the detail in the window behind the throne. All of those impressive demos are legit; the Envy really does resolve all of that detail while keeping the picture bright and vibrant.”

“The Envy is capable of insanely large LUT (look-up table) calibrations allowing for interpolated 256^3 3D LUTs (16.7 million points) and 4,096-point 1D LUTs. The process is quick and produces outstanding results.”

“The Extreme MK2 is extremely quiet. I could only hear the unit if I was standing right next to it and putting my ear near it.”

The menu system is laid out very well […] you’re not seeing a bunch of menus for stuff unrelated to what you’re trying to do. There is also a Help function on screen with a brief description of what you have highlighted.”

“If assistance is needed from a dealer, installer, or even madVR themselves they can (with the user’s permission) remote in and control the unit. Nor do you have to look much further than the new five-year parts-and-labor warranty on the Envy Extreme and Pro MK2 units to see proof of the company’s commitment to consumers and dealers. I believe that is unmatched for a product like this.”

“Fortunately, the Envy, especially with its constantly evolving feature set, will likely outlive anything in your theaterand serve you well into your next projector.”

“For all of these reasons—it’simpeccable engineering, superb build quality, future-focused features that truly enhance the viewing experience, and excellent customer support, it easily adds the ProjectorCentral Editor’s Choice award to its long list of accolades.”

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