Adeo Screen lanserar ny classic line från Screen Research


Nantes, France, March 2011. Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projector screen solutions designed for custom home theater and professional cinema applications, today announces that it is now shipping its new “Classic Line by Screen Research” full range of products.

The “Classic Line by Screen Research” is an affordable range of video projection screens that includes fixed screens for dedicated room, as well as on wall/ in-ceiling motorized screens. This product line targets the “price sensitive” Home Theater market looking for high quality video projection screens. The products use only ISF certified SolidPix™ screen surface for superior image fidelity. Manufactured in Europe in the new Screen Research/Adeo Screen modern plant, the Classic Line will be available in 40 countries through the Screen Research worldwide distribution network.

The launch of new high-quality projectors at more competitive prices, together with the fast growing availability of High-Definition programs, has pushed the demand for no-compromise high quality video projection screens at a much more affordable price than ever before. The “Classic Line by Screen Research” has been designed to address this emerging market, and brings a very competitive offer to the dealers who service customers in this segment.

Easy to configure and fast to install, the “Classic Line” offers advanced design features unmatched before in this price range: automatic adjustable tab-tensioning system, highly precise black borders applied with high frequency welding, vibration proof and silent stop motors, crease proof, fold-free rolling mechanism and fast-mount constant elastic tension system for fixed frames are just examples of the attention to detail and quality that is characteristic of this product line. Ambient temperature control, CAD and PAO automated design and manufacturing guarantee the perfect quality and accuracy on the products delivered to the customers.

From Yves Trélohan, President of international business development
“We are very pleased to introduce this new Classic Line. These products will be the perfect match for the new high-quality projectors positioned in the 2K to 8K€ price point. The “Classic Line by Screen Research” makes no compromise in the product quality and features, using only Imaging Science Foundation (ISF®) certified screen surface for perfect picture accuracy and fidelity. Efficiencies from our new European manufacturing plant allow us to properly price and position these products in a very demanding and competitive market. This new line is the ideal complement to our Reference and Supreme product lines, and will allow our dealers to compete more effectively in the “price sensitive market”, with more affordable products while maintaining the high quality standards people have come to know and expect from Screen Research.”

The new “Classic Line” offers the following characteristics:
* Price sensitive Portfolio of products
* European Manufacturing grade quality
* Fixed frame, On-Wall/Ceiling and In-ceiling motorized screens models
* Customizing options (color casing, image size, top drop, remote control)

High fidelity “Imaging Science Foundation Certified” SolidPix screen surface:
* SolidPix™ Matte White, gain 1.0, HDTV compatible
* SolidPix3™ Grey, gain 0.7, HDTV compatible
* PerfPix™ Acoustically transparent, micro-perforated versions available

Product features:
* 80” to 120” image width
* 1.78 or 2.40 Native ratio
* Easy/fast to install features
* Compact design

Distributed in 40 countries worldwide, Screen Research is a world-class provider of innovative projector screen solutions designed for custom home theater and professional cinema applications. Its product line offer state-of-the-art video projection screen solutions, most notably its award-winning ClearPix® acoustically transparent THX® and ISF® certified screens. Screen Research is now a brand of Adeo Screen.

Adeo Screen brands, Screen Research and Adeo Screen, are world-class providers of innovative projection screen solutions designed for custom home theatre, cinema and professional applications. Manufactured in Europe and distributed in 40 countries worldwide, the two brands are complementary and offer an extensive line of video projection screen solutions from state-of-the-art, THX® and ISF® certified screens, to high quality products for price sensitive markets.