Procella P8 får uppgradering med nya element och delningsfilter

Great news – we’ve made a set of improvements to the P8 loudspeaker that elevate its performance to an even higher level! Here’s the quick summary of the improvements:

– A new Neodymium 1.5 inch compression driver for high frequencies, mounted on a Procella custom-designed constant directivity waveguide, that improves high-frequency extension.

– A new 8 inch woofer driver that increases power handling and output, especially at low frequencies around the recommended subwoofer crossover point.

– A new crossover optimized for the new driver components, that improves dispersion at the crossover frequencies.

The best news is that the new P8 is shipping now worldwide, with no price increase!

Procella P8
The Procella P8 is a high-output screen channel or surround channel P8speaker, designed for high-resolution, wide dynamic range playback of 24 bit/96KHz recordings and soundtracks. It is capable of THX reference level (105 dB continuous) at a distance of 4 meters.

Its Identical Voice™ design and crossover makes the speaker  ideal for use in systems with Procella P815 and P6 loudspeakers, achieving flat phase response and ultra-low group delay for optimized three-dimensional room response, and symmetrical coverage of high frequencies to all seats in small and large rooms alike. With a shallow depth of just 7.9″ and a back baffle angled at 7.5 degrees, the speaker is ideal for wall mounting. The speaker is THX Approved for integration into professional rooms, including THX Certified Screening Rooms and THX pm3 Studios (professional Multichannel Mixing and Monitoring).

The Upgrades
These improvements apply to all products produced since September 2010. The easiest way to identify an upgraded unit by the round shape of its woofer basket.

The new compression driver features a very high-efficiency rare-earth Neodymium motor, a 1.5 inch voice coil and a 1 inch throat. Mounted on a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide to deliver smooth high-frequency response throughout the listening area, it provides a greater extension of the upper highs to 20 KHz, in comparison to the original P8.

The new 8″ woofer, which has a round basket shape, has increased output capability in the mid-bass area near the recommended subwoofer crossover point of 80 Hz, as well as higher power handling overall, which even further improving the P8’s dynamic range and maximum output.

A new crossover design completes the upgrades. Working in combination with the new drivers, it creates an improved radiation pattern in the critical midrange around its 1.6 KHz crossover point, producing even greater coherency of sound than the earlier version.