Product Spotlight: Procella Audio P28 L/C/R Speaker

Application: Extremely High-Output Speaker for Medium to Large Rooms and Dedicated Theaters

  • Maximum dynamic range and SPL from a single enclosure loudspeaker
  • 128dB baffle wall output – 8 meter 105 dB THX reference level
  • Same components as the P8 with dual 8″ woofers
  • No DSP required – needs one amp channel only


With output levels equivalent to the reference standard P815, but in a much more compact package, don’t overlook the P28 as an extremely high- performance L/C/R option. The P28 is the mid and high frequency module from the massive P860, and it is now available separately. Using the same pro audio driver components as the P8, it doubles up on 8″ woofers in a D’Appolito configuration, delivering far more impact and output, and reaching a maximum output of 128 dB when baffle- wall mounted!

The P28 is designed to match to a Procella subwoofer at the standard home THX crossover of 80Hz, making for a more affordable solution that does not require DSP or an additional amplifier channel. And like all Procella models, its cabinet depth is quite shallow at just 7.1 inches/180mm.

When you need maximum dynamics with studio reference audio quality, the P28 delivers in a smaller and more cost- effective package than the P815 and P860.