See Procella Audio at ISE Booth 5-U92

Hear 11.4.6 Dolby ATMOS and see the P6iW, P5 and P12 Subwoofer

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Once again, Procella will debut the latest in cutting-edge technology at ISE!

Join us in booth 5-U92, where we’ll have a full Procella-based Dolby Atmos 11.4.6 3D Audio system on active demo. We’ll have six ceiling mounted P5s for overhead channels, with three P28s in a baffle wall and eight P5 side and back surrounds. The mighty P18 subwoofer will rock the room with P12 balancing subs. We’ll be using the Trinnov Altitude32 processor with Procella DA-2800DSP amplifiers, in a demo room designed and built by our Dutch distributor Cosento. Don’t miss this state-of-the-art immersive experience!

At our booth, you’ll be able to see the new P5 and P12 Active Subwoofer, now in production! The P6iW in-wall will soon follow. Stay tuned for more details and delivery information on these new products in the next Procella Effect.

For more information on these new products, here are links to the P5 data sheetP12 data sheet, and P6iW data sheet.

Fortress Adds Motorized Adjustable Head Rest Actuators

In recognition that there’s no one size fits all for a comfortable theater guest, Fortress Seating has introduced Motorized Adjustable Head Rest Actuators, allowing for a 4-inch range of adjustment.

The adjustable headrest mechanism can be implemented into most of Fortress’ chair models. Other motorized accessories available from Fortress include a motorized tray table, adjustable seat height options, seat backs, touchscreen lifts, press backs, and chair lifts.

Procella Audio P5 and P12 Production Ready to Begin

Production of the cabinets for the new P5 speaker and P12 350W active subwoofer is about to begin! Here are links to the new P5 data sheet and P12 data sheet for these exciting new products that bring Procella performance to a new and more affordable price class. Below you can see the latest photographs showing new white and black finishes, the P5 with and without the cloth grille, and the P12 amplifier/input panel. We expect to receive a small quantity of each model by air in early August, with the sea container arriving in September.
Based on this schedule, a limited number of P5 and P12 samples will be available for shipment from the Ljusdal factory in August. If you need speakers for installations before CEDIA Expo, please let us know so we can put you on the production list. Regular shipments will begin after the show.

The P6iW in-wall will also be available for regular delivery in September. We will let you know through this newsletter when the first samples can ship. Of course, all of these new models will be on display at CEDIA Expo!

Product Spotlight: Procella Audio P28 L/C/R Speaker

Application: Extremely High-Output Speaker for Medium to Large Rooms and Dedicated Theaters

  • Maximum dynamic range and SPL from a single enclosure loudspeaker
  • 128dB baffle wall output – 8 meter 105 dB THX reference level
  • Same components as the P8 with dual 8″ woofers
  • No DSP required – needs one amp channel only


With output levels equivalent to the reference standard P815, but in a much more compact package, don’t overlook the P28 as an extremely high- performance L/C/R option. The P28 is the mid and high frequency module from the massive P860, and it is now available separately. Using the same pro audio driver components as the P8, it doubles up on 8″ woofers in a D’Appolito configuration, delivering far more impact and output, and reaching a maximum output of 128 dB when baffle- wall mounted!

The P28 is designed to match to a Procella subwoofer at the standard home THX crossover of 80Hz, making for a more affordable solution that does not require DSP or an additional amplifier channel. And like all Procella models, its cabinet depth is quite shallow at just 7.1 inches/180mm.

When you need maximum dynamics with studio reference audio quality, the P28 delivers in a smaller and more cost- effective package than the P815 and P860.

Nytt ljudtransparant dukmaterial från Dreamscreen












The DreamScreen UltraHD V5 is our 5. generation sound-transparent fabric. Throughout the last 8 years we have tested, prototyped, produced and sold a number of various technical solutions.


The ultraHD V5 is sold in packages of 4×1,6m of fabric and includes attachment-modules that is made to fit our V4 and V5 frames. However, the attachment-modules are easily adoptable also for DIY-projects where the module is glued either to a wood-stud or an existing aluminum frame.


V1: Dual layer vinyl weave (white) + knitted (grey). Glued. Single reflecting layer.

V2: Dual layer knitted fabric, grey + white. Glued. Single reflecting layer.

V3: Single layer knitted fabric grey only. Single reflecting layer.

V4: Single to three-layered separate layers fabric / synthetic weave. Tensioned, not glued. Single reflecting front layer.


-V5-: Three layered weave + knit. Glued. Multiple reflected layers. PATENT PENDING.



Our technology

Our fifth generation fabric utilizes the research and development gathered in V1 through V4, where for our 5. generation we found that utilizing several layers that actually reflects in combination rather than one front layer reflecting the image alone would potentially increase both image quality and sound transparency. Please refer to the attachment 1,”Technincal Drawing”. Please refer to Fig. 2B and 3 for our new solution and the present solution depicted in figure 2. This design is patent pending and will be patented in all vital markets, including Norway, EU, USA, Japan and China. Utilizing several reflective layers, we have been able to combine a very fine, weaved front surface with two additional knitted layers, one white or grey (same color as front layer), as well as a black backing layer. The result is a sharp, dynamic, high-resolution image free from common artifacts such as moiré and visible structure even from very short seating distances (2m or less). The sound transparency is also dramatically improved compared to our previous generations using the multi-layered method. Please refer to the following initial measurements, basically speaking for themselves. These measurements include all three layers (front, middle and black backing-layer).






Fig. 1:  200 – projector : 400 – seating : 100 – sound transparent projection screen : 300 – speakers Fig. 2: 100 – regular sound transparent fabric : 210 – projected beam : 220 – reflected beam : 150 – black backing : 105 – front fabric Fig. 2b: 100 – V5 sound transparent fabric : 210 – projected beam : 220 – reflected beam : 110, 120 and 130 – front fabric : 150 – black backing Fig 3: 210 – projected beam : 220, 230 and 240 – reflected beam : 110-150 as fig. 2b



Comments: initial measurements include all three layers of the V5-fabric (including the black backing). Initial measurements indicate class-leading acoustic performance with a max drop of about 1,5dB and an average drop of about 1dB. Measurements were made in a noise-controlled environment by a professional HAA certified and equipped calibrator.

Vi har kompletterat vårt sortiment med högtalare från Crystal Acoustics

Deras produkter har flera gånger blivit utnämnda i USA och UK som ”Best Buy”, ”Årets bästa högtalarsystem”, ”Bäst valuta för pengarna för 5.1 högtalarsystem” osv. Se deras Awards & Reviews  länk för mer info.

Crystal Acoustics THX Select och THX Ultra2 hembio högtalare ger extrem valuta för pengarna. De kostar mindre och presterar bättre än produkter i samma prisklass.

Crystal Acoustics är en av de bästa OEM/ODM tillverkarna av högtalare globalt och den första att tillverka THX godkända högtalare, ODM i Kina för andra kända märken sedan 2004!

CA 7.4 sys

Screen Research announce a completely new line of products at ISE

Screen Research, a world-class provider of innovative projection screen solutions designed for custom Home Theater and professional Cinema applications, is pleased to announce a completely new line of products:




Screen Research revolutionized Hi-end Home Theater market when it introduced the ClearPix™ line of acoustically transparent materials. For the first time it was possible to create a reference home theater experience without any compromise to picture or sound quality.


Based on our experience of more that 10 years of continuous acoustical research and development today Screen Research announces the worlds first solution that fully integrates complete room acoustics design with a world-famous Italian interior design and it is hand-crafted and manufactured in Italy with extreme attention to even the smallest details.

It allows a great freedom for architects and interior designers while completely hiding all AV equipment and acoustical treatment of the room.

Sasha Defranceschi, Screen Research Technical Director: “AcoustixDesign™ is not a simple line of products, it is a completely solution based approach that guarantees maximum possible performance result at each price level. Dedicated Home Theater rooms are often designed with a lot attention on AV products selection, but not as much on the acoustical performance of the room and proper product placement. Our custom solution based approach allows to extract maximum performance from any audio system not only with a room acoustics design but also with a proper loudspeaker placement and full integration with room acoustical treatment and aesthetics. Our goal is not to create only the reference picture quality, but now also the best possible audio performance in any dedicated or not dedicated Reference Cinema experience space.”

This year Screen Research has partnered again with JBL Synthesis to create our Reference Cinema Experience room at ISE booth 1N80. We will demonstrate Screen Research E-Mask™ 140” 2.40:1 ClearPix4K masking screen with complete AcoustixDesign™ room acoustics treatment that is fully integrated with JBL Synthesis ATLAS sound system. All AV equipment is completely hidden away using a signature Italian design solution.

A very limited number of tickets will be available each day on our booth. Please note that it is not possible to attend a demonstration without registering first at booth 1N80.

A dedicated press demo sessions will be held on Tuesday 4th from 15:30-16:00 and Wednesday 5th from 16:00-16:30 booth 1N80.