Trinnov received a second EISA Award

The Altitude Platform Earns its Second EISA Award

The European Imaging and Sound Association is a group of 61 specialized magazines from 29 countries across the globe. EISA represents the largest editorial collaboration in the world of consumer electronics and has been celebrating the very best products for over 35 years.

Every year, several expert groups within the association select the best products in several categories.

In 2016, a little more than a year after the introduction of the Altitude32, Trinnov received its first EISA Award, recognizing the achievement of our engineering team in creating what remains today The Reference High-End AV Processor. 

Now, a few years later, Trinnov becomes the first manufacturer ever to receive a second award for the same product line. This is a very meaningful milestone, particularly for its recognition of the importance for today’s products to be built for both performance and sustainability, and its acclaim for how the Altitude platform meets these goals.

Best Product 2020-2021 – Home Theater High-End

Rather than rewarding a specific product as is usually the case, EISA members agreed to review and reward the Altitude Platform in the High-End Home Theater category.

Here is the citation from EISA’s president Paul Miller:

“In the world of home theater, rapid technological change can leave a product playing catch up in just a few years. Not so the Altitude series from Trinnov, where upgrading is built into the DNA of its 16-channel and 32-channel processors. Most recently these premium models have added DTS:X Pro support to their 3D audio arsenal, and a revised HDMI board to enhance connectivity and streamline operation. Performance remains best-in-class, too, thanks to professional-grade speaker calibration and bass management, while system designers benefit from remote access and control. State-of-the-art today, but designed to evolve with your needs tomorrow, the Altitude platform is worthy of high praise.”

Successfully combating obsolescence

This award is unique in that it recognizes the accomplishment of Trinnov Audio over a period of 5 years, starting when the platform upon which the Altitude32 was built received its first EISA award in 2016. The Altitude products have been continuously upgraded and improved, enabled by our revolutionary software-based platform, with multiple major updates delivered at no cost to all Altitude owners every year.

As such, all of our customers received the following features as free updates dating back to the original introduction of the Altitude:

2015: Auro-3D decoding and upmixing is added

2016: DTS:X is available on the Altitude before any other product

2017: The Altitude becomes the first Roon-Ready High-End Home Cinema Processor

2018: Bass management is significantly improved, offering yet to be matched possibilities

2019: Trinnov introduces an Easy Setup Wizard and extends the product warranty from 3 to 5 years, retroactive

2020: After a year of close collaboration with the DTS engineering team, DTS:X Pro is officially released and remains available only on the Altitude platform

Over this period, Trinnov Audio has not only maintained its significant technological advantage over the competition but actually further widened that technological gap by pushing the boundaries of immersive audio. Highly notable, our most recent achievement is the introduction of DTS:X Pro to the market, single-handedly carried out by our engineering team, working with DTS.

We are proud to announce we will continue to push the boundaries with additional updates coming this year and more to come well into the future. In September, we will indeed introduce a unique Object Viewer for Dolby Atmos soundtracks that allows our users to monitor in real-time the way sound objects move through the room.

For too long, Home Theater enthusiasts who wanted to own the best had to renew their processor every 3-4 years. With the Altitude platform, this is no longer the case. We hope that other manufacturers will follow this path, creating products that are more sustainable and delivering higher long-term value to customers.

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DTS:X Pro available to all Trinnov Altitude owners very soon

It is with great pleasure that we announce our completion of the full DTS:X Pro certification.  We have received official authorization from our partner DTS to publically release a new software version for the Altitude32 and Altitude16 home theater processors today.  This software will be available to current and future Altitude owners, free of charge, in the next few days. 

This new version will enable all our customers to unleash the potential of DTS:X with additional discretely rendered channels, all via a simple software update.

We are proud to be the first to release this new technology and to once again offer a unique implementation that goes beyond what all DSP-based platforms can deliver.

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Brand New HCM Home Cinema Seats – Dutch Cinema Luxury

New Cinema Seats

We all know the importance of a good experience in your home cinema. The chair in which you easily sit for over 4 hours is overlooked and that takes away a bit of pleasure. Last summer René and Sebastiaan developed 2 new models with 3 things to keep in mind. Price, design, and quality.

So we are very proud to announce the HCM Atlas and HCM Sirius. See For Yourself >

Nya HDMI AOC kablar från FIBBR, Ultra-Pro2 och Ultra-8K

FIBBR Fiber Optic HDMI 21Gbps Cable

FIBBRs aktiva optiska HDMI-kablar erbjuder en pålitlig lösning med enkel anslutning utan att behöva extern ström. Storleken på kontakten är inte annorlunda än en passiv HDMI-kabel. Ultra-Pro2 är en smart plug-and-play design. Ultra-Pro2 är som alla FIBBR HDMI-kablar tillverkade av glasfiber av högsta kvalitet, som endast är tillgänglig från YOFC som är världens störta fiberproducent. Bandbredden på FIBBRs Ultra-Pro2 sträcker sig till 21Gbps, 7Gbps för varje kanal. Den kan stödja 12 bitars färgdjup med 4K 60Hz 4:4:4. Ultra-Pro2 förser installatörer med den allra senaste lösningen med extremt hög bandbredd för HDR applikationer.

Cable Length: 1 – 50m

Interface: HDMI type A pluggable – HDMI type A pluggable

Jacket: Plenum

Housing Material: Plastic

Bandwidth: 21Gbps

Product Specification: 4:4:4 4K 60Hz HDR12bits

Power: No external power needed

Support: ARC CEC

FIBBR Fiber Optic HDMI V2.1 Cable Ultra-8K

Bandbredden på FIBBRs Ultra-8K sträcker sig till 48Gbps, 12Gbps för varje kanal. Den kan stödja 8k 60Hz eller 4K 120Hz.

Cable Length: 1 – 20m

Interface: HDMI type A pluggable – HDMI type A pluggable

Housing Material: Metal + Plastic

Bandwidth: 48Gbps

Product Specification: HDMI v2.1

Power: No external power needed

No Support: eARC

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